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Have you completed yoga teacher training and aren’t sure what’s next? Are you lacking confidence, motivation, ideas, or direction?

Do you feel lonely, a little lost and do not know how to navigate the ‘real world’ after gaining the wisdom of yoga?

Maybe you’ve lost your enthusiasm and your sincere practice, and do not know how to get it back?

After teaching for a while, do you have questions about aspects of what it means to be a yoga teacher today, where you would enjoy guidance and a new perspective?

Welcome to your mentoring journey

I, Prianca Shharma offers a fully customisable yoga mentorship program cultivated over a decade of living and sharing yoga around the world. You’ll receive support in achieving your goals related to your practice, teaching or lifestyle.

Mentoring meets you where you currently are, with your unique personal circumstances, and your level of knowledge and practice.

Through open discussion and guided reflection, Prianca Shharma will support you in creating practices that address your students’ needs, expand your own knowledge and build your confidence.


In conversation, you get to explore topics that support your sadhana while fulfilling your fundamental need of living in the ‘real world’ with all its demands, so that you can really shine your light out into the world.


We will cover the important things that you want to know and maybe some things that you haven’t even thought of yet like


Overcoming Imposter Syndrome i.e. who would want to listen to ME?


Designing class planning strategies to keep you inspired as you create sequences, themes and curriculum that you and your students love


Marketing yourself in an embodied authentic way (social media, email, the whole thing)

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Setting the foundation of your yoga practise, or just getting things back in discipline


Upgrading your anatomical confidence and weaving the philosophical wisdom of yoga throughout your classes


Looking beyond your 200hr ytt and exploring subjects related to yoga that truly resonate with you


TASTER - one month

A total of 2 calls of 1.5 hours each with reflection and action points dedicated to your goals and intentions. This taster program gives you a good idea of what it’s like to receive Prianca Shharma’s support. It requires you to be honest, self-motivated and willing to make the changes needed to meet your goals, embrace what needs to be done and empower yourself during this program.

Receive a total of 3 hours of 1-on-1 time with email support during this time.

Suitable for immediate and short term goals, challenges, current questions and needs.

Exchange: EUR 250

IMMERSION - three months

A total of 6 calls of 1.5 hours each with reflection, action points and more. It requires you to be honest, dedicated, self-motivated and willing to be patient with making these changes. You will be doing research, creative writing, working with your mindset and embracing what needs to be done as you empower yourself to go for it during this immersion program.

Receive a total of 9 hours of 1-on-1 support with email support during this time.

Suitable for immediate, short and medium-term goals, challenges, ponderings and needs that require a little more time to integrate, clarify and unravel the mystery.

Exchange: EUR 600

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