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WHO am I?

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I am a teacher of yoga, meditation and other forms of healing to people from all around this beautiful world. But I wasn't always this way.

I came to yoga with scepticism in my mind and pain in my heart. I had been on the inside of an industry which focused so much on what was on the outside, that somewhere I forgot how to connect to who I was inside. Yoga was the spark that gave me back everything that I had lost, the stability, the connection and eventually, the seed of happiness which had been uprooted through those years of neglect.  


It's been eleven years now since I started walking this path of healing. The more I learnt about and integrated these beautiful practices into my daily life, the clearer it was to me that I had found my purpose. To share my experience and knowledge with all those who seek it, to help anyone who asks.


Love is by its very nature, honest. Its the mirror that reflects our own image back at us as we truly are and is the process that allows us to work on ourselves in the most healthy, nurturing way. All too often it is covered with the dust of conditioning, of emotion, and without a tool to help us in polishing it we can keep searching for ourselves, never really finding healing.


I believe yoga and meditation is that tool.


Through body awareness, mindfulness, self introspection and consistent practice we can find freedom from constraints and become who we are truly meant to be. Its good to have you here, I look forward to meeting you one day soon.

Prianca Shharma




BALI 17-23 JUL 24



Our retreats are transformational, high vibrational and SO much more than a yoga retreat!

With over a decade of experience facilitating world class, sell out retreats around the globe, we only fall more in love with these special spaces that we are blessed to co create.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle, hands-on method. Contact me if you are interested to receive a 60-90 min session. 


Yoga teachers! Join me on a journey of rediscovering your WHY, sharing with you the tools that have enabled me to grow confidence, community and creativity. Never give up your practice and self study just to teach, cherish your spiritual practice so that it can continue to inspire you.

PAST workshops


I'm currently in: Goa, India.

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Woo! I'll talk to you soon.

Prianca shharma




Testimonials (9)

May 11

As one of Prianca’s former students, I could write volumes about her skills as a facilitator.

I have been a student of Prianca’s for my 200hr ashtanga/vinyasa YTTC.

I received an in-depth understanding of Ashtanga and was taken deeper into my practice.

I have also been fortunate enough to experience CranioSacral Therapy with Prianca, guiding me through a full body surrender session. Allowing me to go deeper into the things in need to release and the things I need to accept.

I was nurtured for the entire session. Her love and energy is one to be experienced.


Apr 05

I was lucky enough to attend Prianca’s beautiful, powerful retreat back in January. Her guidance, encouragement, wisdom and compassion truly touched my heart, and for that I will be forever grateful. I highly recommend one of her retreats and hope to practice with you again soon. Much love….🤍


My yoga retreat with Prianca in Goa in Sampoorna it was such an amazing experience.. specially because this time it was my second time in Goa, in Sampoorna , because, I did my training, so it was different way to see Goa, but this time., I didn’t feel rush .. it was very nice, and a lot of surprises, so much details, she gave her spririt, her heart, in this retreat, my husband and me, we were so recharging, we feel so grateful, because we came for second time just if your thinking to take any retreat or anything that she is going to make.. you should do it, you never going to feel disapointed, Thank you so much again Prianka, Hugs and Kisses from Switzerland and Mexico.


Feb 13

I attended Prianca and Mafalda's Goa, India yoga retreat in Jan. 2024 at Sampoorna in Agonda after receiving many nudges from the universe to attend and finally taking the plunge. 😊 The retreat itself was highly activating and transformational. She brings in the ancient yogic wisdom from her many years of disciplined practice. She has an amazing ability to hold space and pushes you beyond the limits you thought you had - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Her vibration raising retreat is an investment into guided divine self-discovery and healing. Highly recommend for everyone who is ready to transcend! Many thanks beautiful Prianca!💓🌟🌅


Prianca has a deep soul, a warm heart, and a very strict ashtanga practice- for me the best combination for a teacher. I've written down so many of her signature quotes to use in my own teaching, and her guidance helped me deepen my commitment to my practice. I also took her Anatomy for Yoga classes, in which her deep knowledge of the magnificent human body was shared alongside lots of stories, philosophical meanderings, and life lessons. Wouldn't hesitate to come to one of her retreats if she makes it back to Europe soon!


Feb 04

Prianca helped me rekindle my love for Ashtanga again. She is truly one of the greatest yoga teachers I have ever had the honour to practice with. I will take all the learning to continue to develop my own practice until my last (Ujjayi!) breath. A warrior woman and huge inspiration. I remain forever grateful and hope to have the joy of practicing with you again someday.


Prianca has taught me so much about yoga and the life outside the mat, From small moments of strength through big moments of pushing to be a better self and leaving the ego out of the practice. A teacher who will remain in my consciousness. Thank you


Prianca is my forever inspiration! Her goddess energy empresses me from the first moment we’ve met. The most mature, open minded, smart and kind yoga teacher I’ve ever met. Prianca’s classes will be forever in my heart.


Prianca is a unique person and yogi that manages to merge the spirituality with a dedicated practice like no other teachers that I have crossed on my path 🤍 I’m forever grateful for the Goa retreat and the way it helped me to find new ways to peacefully exist and lead a healthier life.

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